Happy Customers = Happy Businesses!

Hey student entrepreneurs, teachers, and parents! Ready to level up your Teen Startup Canvas game? Then listen up!

Keeping your customers happy isn’t just about good vibes (although those are important too! ). It’s actually cheaper and easier than finding new ones all the time.

Think about it: attracting new customers takes time, money, and energy. ‍But when you make the ones you already have happy, they’ll come back for more, tell their friends, and write awesome reviews! Stop to think about your favourite shops & brands… what makes you keep going back?

Here’s the lowdown:

Happy customers:

✅ Spend more money with you
✅ Become your biggest fans and cheerleaders
✅ Help you attract new customers naturally

Focusing only on new customers:

❌ Can be expensive and time-consuming
❌ Might leave existing customers feeling ignored

So, ditch the “new is always better” mindset and instead, always be thinking of ways you can build relationships with the awesome customers you already have!

Ready to action?

Check out the “Keeping Them Happy” section on your Teen Startup Canvas.

Think of creative ways to show your customers you care – discounts, loyalty programs, exclusive content?

Ask for feedback and use it to make your product even better!

Remember, happy customers are the foundation of a successful business. Build strong relationships, keep them smiling, and watch your startup idea take off.


Coach Steve

ps. haven’t got your Teen Startup Canvas? Don’t worry… I’ll have more news on that soon 🙂

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