Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators: Embracing the Power of Youth

I had a coaching call recently.

An 11-year-old from Allstarpreneurs shared something remarkable.

“I want to make learning how to protect the environment fun, so more kids can join in.”

But then came the worry.

“What if no one takes my idea seriously because I’m young?”

It’s a concern I hear too often. Young minds doubting their brilliance because of their age.

But this kid’s idea? It was pure gold.

I assured them, “Your age? It’s actually your superpower and that perspective is what the world needs now.”

He was willing to explore his idea a little further.

And during that call, something shifted.

He started to believe. Not just in his idea, but most importantly in himself.

As clear as day: the entrepreneurial spark had ignited ⚡️.
(👆 the best bit about my work 👆)

All it takes is listening, understanding and guidance.

And that’s the first step to changing the world.

Here’s my take:

Being young should never be a barrier to innovation.

As adults we’ve done a pretty good job of wrecking their future – and we continue to do so.

I believe every child should understand and experience entrepreneurship, regardless whether they start a business or not.

It’s the mindset transformation from “I can’t” to “I can” that’s key.

Then rest will follow.

So, let’s continue to give our young innovators and future changemakers the floor.

They’ve got a lot to teach us.

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